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Dr. Michael Bütz, PhD | Forensic Psychologist

Meet Dr. Michael Bütz, PhD

Dedicated to my clients with
sound experience and kindness

Michael R. Bütz, Ph.D. is a clinical, forensic and neuropsychologist who has been licensed since 1995, currently licensed in Montana and Virginia. He has held licenses in Idaho, Maine, Montana, Wyoming and Virginia. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and has been very active working with state and national associations. He recently stepped down after serving as the Federal Advocacy Coordinator for Montana Psychological Association for five years, he also served as the Legislative Chair for a decade, and was President for two years. Dr. Bütz is a member of the National Register of Health Service Psychologists and holds a Certificate of Professional Qualification from the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards.

The Approach

Within the office we consider it an honor to serve our clientele who, by making use of our services, have entrusted the most intimate and important aspects of their lives to our care. For this reason, we feel that our services need to be delivered in a fashion that recognizes this trust.  It is our aspiration to deliver services that are simply excellent, and we had measured these services through our quality assurance program that sought feedback from clients and referral sources for the first ten years while the practice was an integrated clinical, forensic and neuropsychological practice (see Reviews/History page). Now, the focus is on providing sound and informative forensic services.

We began Aspen Practice, P.C. in 2004 after many years of service in the behavioral healthcare field. Dr. Bütz has served communities in Idaho, Maine, Montana, Virginia and Wyoming being thoroughly familiar with providing behavioral healthcare services in a variety of modalities and service settings. Dr. Bütz has held the following positions over the course of his career prior to moving back to Montana (see Professional Engagement below).

Download Dr. Bütz’s Curriculum Vitae here | See publications here

Professional Engagement

  • Chief Operations Officer, Board Member and Co-Owner, Washington County Psychotherapy Associates/Cathance Psychological Services, Machias, Maine
  • Board of Directors, Bangor Mental Health Institute, Bangor, Maine
  • Assistant Professor (Part-Time), University of Maine at Machias, Machias, Maine
  • Supervising Clinical Psychologist, Washington County Psychotherapy Associates/Cathance Psychological Services,  Machias, Maine
  • Director of Systems Design, Behavioral Health Resource Locator
  • Director of Systems Design, MentalHealthAccess.comTM
  • Program Manager, Counseling and Family Services, Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, Fort Hall, Idaho
  • Director of Child, Adolescent  & Substance Abuse Services, Cornerstone Behavioral Health/Mountain Regional Services, Evanston, Wyoming
  • Co-director of Psychology and Adolescent Unit Psychologist, Wyoming State Hospital, Evanston, Wyoming
  • Director, Rivendell of Montana Day Hospital and Outreach Center, Billings, Montana
  • Clinical Director, Rivendell Psychiatric Center, Billings, Montana
  • Acting Chair, Psychology Department, Montana State University – Billings
  • Assistant Professor, Psychology Department, Montana State University – Billings


  • 2017 Federal Advocacy Coordinator of the Year Award by American Psychological Association Practice Organization (March, 2017).
  • 2013 Award Outstanding Staff Member by a State Provincial, or Territorial Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, Division 31, Division of State Provincial and Territorial Psychological Association Affairs (March, 2013).
  • 2012 Award Outstanding Achievement by a State Provincial, or Territorial Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, Division 31, Division of State Provincial and Territorial Psychological Association Affairs (March, 2012).  Associations nominated for this award span Canada and the United States, and it had only been awarded on five occasions previously reflecting“…a psychological association that provides a model for other associations to emulate, by achievements and outstanding accomplishments.”
  • 2010 Charles E. Kelly Memorial Award, for Outstanding Professional Contribution to Montana Psychological Association (April, 2010).
  • 2009 Fellow, American Society for the Advancement of Pharmacotherapy. Division 55, American Psychological Association.
  • 2008 Fellow, Society of Clinical Psychology. Division 12, American Psychological Association.