Sound and informative forensic psychological services

commitment to the kind of fair and objective approach suggested by the ethics
of this field and the Scientist-Practitioner model.

Dr. Bütz, Forensic Psychologist

It is important to Dr. Bütz that the focus of his work, regardless of setting, includes the aspiration of being a Scientist-Practitioner. Paraphrasing from the American Psychological Association’s Dictionary of Psychology, ‘…psychologists strive to both provide services as well as conduct and/or use research in working with behavioral health problems, to integrate these two aspects of psychologists’ experience…’

In turn, Dr. Bütz endeavors to ensure fairness and objectivity in the application of behavioral health science to his practice and views these attributes as fundamental to the services provided.

It does not matter if it is a civil or criminal matter, the focus Dr. Bütz maintains is on coming to a conceptualization based on what collateral information, interviews, and findings from psychological instruments reveal regardless of who the client and/or clients are in the case. For example, in civil cases that involve custody and/or parental capacities, his focus is on the Best Interests of the Children Standard. First and foremost, Dr. Bütz’s commitment is to the kind of fair and objective approach suggested by the ethics of his field and the Scientist-Practitioner model.

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“I really enjoyed Dr. Butz’s new conceptualization of parental alienation that takes into consideration all of the puzzle pieces in this destructive family dynamic. His presentation and book helps clinicians and other professionals to understand the complexities in working with this population. Dr. Butz has a clear way of communicating this information which is based in scientific research. His assessment tools are very useful to substantiate the findings of each situation. Thank you for a well thought out presentation.”

Webinar Participant: Michelle Jones, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker