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Aspen Practice, P.C., dba Michael R. Bütz, Ph.D.

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Interim, and Dr. Bütz

At this point in time, this is an interim website as the location and practice have changed.  Dr. Bütz has been a licensed psychologist for over twenty years, working both in executive management and conducting clinical, forensic and neuropsychological work.


During the fall of 2015, Dr. Bütz moved his  clinical and neuropsychoogical practice to St. Vincent Healthcare Behavioral Health Associates and maintained his forensic practice under Aspen Practice, P.C.

Civil and Criminal Forensic Services

In turn, several days a week Dr. Bütz continues his forensic work addressing a wide array of cases: child-custody work, parental capacity, Child and Family Services work, competency, criminal intent at the time of the offense, fitness for duty assessments, prescreening community service employees, independent educational assessments, and other related matters.

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Appointments may be scheduled at our new office at Transwestern Plaza 1, Suite 202, or another site.

Dr. Bütz regularly travels when conducting his forensic work across Montana and the region; seeing clientele at their lawyer's office, at local jails or prisons, and when attending Court.

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