Aspen Practice, P.C., dba as Michael R. Bütz, Ph.D.


Aspen Practice, P.C., Dr. Recor and Dr. Bütz's work at St. Vincent Healthcare

Aspen Counseling and Practice has been in existence for over twenty-five years and was originally established by Richard Recor, Ph.D. who now practices in the Irvine area of the Los Angeles area in California: 

In late 2015, Dr. Bütz was recruited by St. Vincent Healthcare Behavioral Health Associates and transferred his clinical and neuropsychological cases and caseload.  Records from this part of Dr. Bütz's practice and those from Dr. Recor may be obtained by contacting Behavioral Health Associates:

Excellence Measures 2004-2015

During the time that our practice included clinical, forensic and neuro- psychological services there were periods where each person served by Aspen Practice, P.C. received and hopefully completed an Excellence Measure.  It was important to us to assess how our organization had delivered services.

These measures included the following message.

"We need your help; that is, if we are going to fulfill our service mission - delivering Excellent, Integrated and Interdependent Services!  Here at Aspen Practice, we are very interested in receiving feedback about the quality of services we have provided.  Please take a moment to review the following measure of excellence, and assist us in maintaining or exceeding our service mission…"

As background for these quality assurance efforts, the results that are included below address those services provided largely by a licensed psychologist and began in October of 2004. The practice served Billings, Montana and the surrounding region.

On the whole, we were pleased that the vast majority of responses indicated the people served at Aspen Practice, P.C. were not only satisfied, but very satisfied.  The data below reflect the cumulative data through October of 2008.  Our data have remained relatively stable over those four years. Given the stability of the data, we shifted to managing feedback on an individual basis.  Should the feedback we had received shifted markedly, data collection efforts would have begun again in earnest.


Even though some clients have not filled out Excellence Measures, we did know of a handful of clients who were not satisfied annually.  And, for purposes of transparency, have reviewed the cases we have known about and included them in the data. By the time Aspen Practice's clinical and neuro- psychological clients were transferred to St. Vincent Healthcare, we had servied over 1000 clients and their families since October of 2004.  Factoring in this handful of clients, the results indicated that the vast majority of our clients were very satisfied or satisfied.

Referral Sources

In addition to other efforts we had made, with the beginning of the 2006, we had not only assessed our performance per Excellence Measures via clients, but also have taken the additional steps to conduct a focused survey of our top forty referral sources.  This survey was conducted in order to clarify their needs for the clients we both serve, and inform our Strategic Plan for 2006. 

We were gratified that over forty percent of these referral sources responded (A very high number for surveys of this kind with the kind of busy providers who make up our referral base.).  But, more than that, we also were gratified to find that, like our clients, the vast majority of our referral sources are very satisfied or satisfied with our services.  Our referral sources also went on to consistently describe the following patterns of service provision at Aspen Practice:  quality services in a timely manner, responsive and objective services, detailed and thorough psychological assessments, honest to-the-point advice and insight, and demonstrate genuine concern for the welfare of our clientele. This survey was repeated in 2008 and 2010 with similar results.

Forensic Work

Our most recent clarification to the Excellence Measure process was that our practice has steadily conducted more and more Forensic Assessments, and now exclusively conducts forensic work or work related to forensic matters. As one might expect, it depends on the outcome of the assessment or the work as to whether or not it is to the client's liking per se.  In this case, these clients largely worked with attorneys, a state agency or the Court itself, or were court-ordeed to receive these services.  After obtaining feedback from these surveys that took a predictable course in 2010, it was difficult to reason why we might continue as clients were either very pleased or not pleased at all based on the outcome of our forensic determination. Any feedback seen since 2015 in other review sites largely reflects forensic cases.

Grading Systems on the Internet

At Aspen Practice, P.C. we are supportive of quality assurance efforts in the field of healthcare.  In fact, it is the reason we started this page from the company's inception.  There are a number of grading systems on the internet nowadays, and these systems can be good if they ask the right questions and provide a forum for feedback.  The right question always is, "Did you inform your provider about your experience?"  That is, did a client share their feelings about the service when they were asked; good, bad, or otherwise...

There are a number of grading systems that are in the pipeline, or that exist such as Healthgrades, which either do not ask this question, ask questions that do not fully address the range of services offered, or, take into account that there is no way for a provider to respond to statements made - good, bad or otherwise.

Healthcare, by definition, is a confidential service and it would be irresponsible for a healthcare provider to respond to statements made by their clients on such internet websites.  As a consumer, we encourage you to keep this in mind when viewing these grading systems.

Final Comment

While it was our goal to have 'excellent' services and we will continue to strive toward the day when all responses meet this mark; but we are realistic.  With the difficult work involved in behavioral healthcare, we do realize that you, 'Can't please all the people all the time'.  Still, we will continue to strive to make our services consumer friendly, design them to meet the unique needs of our clientele, as well as offer excellent, integrated and interdependent services.

A.  Services were available when I/we needed them.

Strongly Agree 55%, Agree 39%, Neutral 6%

B.  The folks at Aspen Practice treated me with courtesy and respect.

Strongly Agree 77%, Agree 23%

C.  I trust that Aspen Practice will maintain a confidential service environment.

Strongly Agree 81%, Agree 19%

D.  Services were helpful, addressed the presenting problem or referral question.

Strongly Agree 52%, Agree 35%, Not Applicable 13%*

E.  I was satisfied with my experience at Aspen Practice.

Strongly Agree 68%, Agree 26%, Neutral 6%

F.  If I/we needed assistance in the future, Aspen Practice will be the first we contact.

Strongly Agree 74%, Agree 16%, Neutral 6%, Disagree 3%

G.  I would recommend Aspen Practice to others in need of behavioral healthcare services.

Strongly Agree 71%, Agree 19%, Neutral 3%, Not Applicable 6%