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Aspen Practice, P.C. has been focused on providing not only sound and informative forensic services, but has continued to apply time-honored practices and introducing new well-grounded innovations.  In keeping with this approach, our web site will be periodically updated with news from our practice and supply other pages that address larger concerns.


Parental Alienation, an Advanced Course in Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnoses with Meetings Northwest, November 20th

This workshop builds on the introductory course by Dr. Bütz entitled Parental Alienation, an Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnosis held in September which has been recorded and is now available for viewing. The very positive response to the Basic Workshop led to this Advanced Workshop based, in part, on feedback from attendees. The Advanced Workshop digs into the later chapters of Dr. Bütz's book to address the finer details of symptomatology - subtle symptmos in adults, children, and families and the role that the legal system plays in this pathological dynamic. A variety of interventions will be discussed that mirrors mild, moderate and severe alienation, and a number of policy matters will be discussed.

First Podcast, Describing the path to Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnoses...



Basic Workshop with Meetings Northwest, Recorded on September 18th


Parental Alienation and Factitious Disorder by Proxy Beyond DSM-5: Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnoses, 1st Edition (Paperback) book coverBütz, M. R. (2020). Parental Alienation and Factitious Disorder by Proxy Beyond DSM-5: Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnoses. 

The book had been published in June, presnetations had also commenced in January on these topics for behavioral health providers, healthcare providers and the legal community (see below). The article on the same topic was published by Professional Psychology: Research and Practice.


The website for Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnoses Checklists, Inventories and Motions is up @ either, , or; any one of the three will take you there. 

These tools are offered to practitioners and professionals who are able to demonstrate their knowledge of the topic matter through a brief quiz that goes to the heart of providing a fair and reasonable review.

Bütz, M. R. and Evans, B.F. (2019). Factitious Disorder by Proxy, Parental Alienation, and the Argument for Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnoses. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice,, published online July 18, 2019.


Presentations on Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnoses: Parental Alienation or Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy/Factitious Disorder by Proxy.


Bütz, M.R. (2020, February 28). Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy, Factitious Disorder by Proxy, Related Conditions, and Proposed Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnoses. Presented at St. Vincent Healthcare Grand Rounds, Billings, Montana.

Bütz, M.R. (2020, January 18). Parental Alienation, an Interrelated Multidimensional Diagnosis. Presented to Crossway Counseling as a one day workshop, Billings, Montana.


There have been four articles published in recent years on Integrated Behavioral Healthcare and an image of the header for the latest one is below.

Bütz, M. R. (2020). Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care, A Perspective on the Model of Care and its Place in the Continuum of Behavioral Healthcare. Mental Health and Family Medicine, 16, 913-917.

Bütz, M. R. and Tynan, W.D. (2019).
Integrating behavioral healthcare and primary care, appropriate balance on what model is driving care, and, the whole spectrum is coming through the door... Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, DOI 10.1007/s10880-019-09679-3.

Bütz, M. R. (2019). Integrating healthcare requires caution. The National Psychologist, 28 (1), 8-9.

Bütz, M. R. (2018). Integrating behavioral healthcare and primary care, and the necessity of breaking the glass to preserve the HIPAA Privacy Rule and 42 CFR... The Montana Psychologist, 6-9, June, 2018.


Though Dr. Bütz has been working with the Federal Aviation Administration for a number of years, he was recently able to attend a set of excellent workshops conducted by their psychologists, Dr. Front and Dr. King.

Personality Assessment Consultation Opportunities with the Federal Aviation Administration: An Orientation to FAA Practices and Standards by Chris Front, Psy.D. Society for Personality Assessment Convention, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 20, 2019.

Advanced Topics in Personnel Selection for High-Risk Occupations by Ray King, Psy.D., J.D., Society for Personality Assessment Convention, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 21, 2019.

Other active Writing...

Dr. Bütz is working on a book and a number of manuscripts right now, with several that are applicable to his forensic work.

Bütz, M. R. (in progress). A process to determine child competency and Miranda warning capacity: A three-legged stool, the FIT-R, and Grisso’s Miranda Instruments. Unpublished manuscript.

Bütz, M. R., Schwinn, C. and Chamberlain, L. (in progress). Transforming Crisis Theory: Moving from stasis to developmental adaptation. Manuscript in revision for publication.

Bütz, M. R. (in progress). Challenges and diverse experiences: Perspective and seeing what others do not. Unpublished manuscript.

Bütz, M. R. (in progress). Reflections on Advocacy: Taking care of yourself, taking care of others, and taking care of our citizens. Unpublished manuscript.

Advocacy Work, Grants and Some Prior Publications

Bütz, M.R. (September 24, 2017).  Guest opinion: Reckless attempt to repeal Affordable Care Act.  Billings Gazette: Billings, Montana.

September of 2017, As part of my work at St. Vincent Healthcare co-authored grant through Montana Healthcare Foundation, an Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Implementation Grant.  Title: Utilizing Virtual Health Solutions to Address Behavioral Health Specialty Care in Primary Care Settings.  Submitted October 2017 - $150,000 – FUNDED.

Bütz, M.R. (June 25, 2017).  Guest opinion: Guest opinion: Reform' could leave Montanans uncovered.  Billings Gazette: Billings, Montana.

January of 2016, As part of my Dr. Bütz work at St. Vincent Healthcare he co-authored grant through U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), Nurse Education, Practice Quality and Retention-Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Program: Behavioral Health Integration.  Title:  Integrated Behavioral Health Care in a Frontier State.  Funded 2017 $500,000 – FUNDED.  See also:

2017 Federal Advocacy Coordinator of the Year Award by American Psychological Association Practice Organization (March, 2017).

Bütz, M.R. (March 18, 2017).  Guest opinion: Congress should extend behavioral health care.  Billings Gazette: Billings, Montana.

Bütz, M. R.  (2017).  Nonlinear dynamics retrospective impact on psychological theory and practice, and, a roughed out formula for crises.  Requested book chapter for quaderni di matematica (vol. 29), Overlapping of Mathematics and Humanities.  Aracne editrice International:  Rome, Italy/Goodyear, Arizona.

Bütz, M. R.  (January 6, 2017).  Guest Opinion: Cures Act will boost U.S. mental health care.  Billings Gazette: Billings, Montana.

Bütz, M. R.  (December 22, 2016).  Guest Column:  Thank congressmen for 21st Century Cures Act.  Missoulian: Missoula, Montana.

Bütz, M. R.  (December 20, 2016).  Featured: Thank you, Congressmen, for 21st Century Cures Act.  Independent Record:  Helena, Montana.

Psychologist Criticizes Use of Restraint-Seclusion at Montana State Hospital:  Disability Rights v. State of Montana (September 21, 2016-Letter August 19, 2014) Position Statement - Therapeutic Use of Seclusion at Montana Developmental Center (10.31.12), Review, Analysis and Response.

Montana Psychological Association.  (2016).  Mental Health Professional Person Field Manual (Second Edition).  Helena, Montana:  Montana Psychological Association.