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Aspen Practice, P.C. has been focused on providing not only sound and informative forensic services, but has continued to apply time-honored practices and introducing new well-grounded innovations.  In keeping with this approach, our web site will be periodically updated with news from our practice and supply other pages that address larger concerns.

Bütz, M.R. (September 24, 2017).  Guest opinion: Reckless attempt to repeal Affordable Care Act.  Billings Gazette: Billings, Montana.

September of 2017, As part of my work at St. Vincent Healthcare co-authored grant through Montana Healthcare Foundation, an Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Implementation Grant.  Title: Utilizing Virtual Health Solutions to Address Behavioral Health Specialty Care in Primary Care Settings.  Submitted October 2017 - $150,000 – FUNDED.

Bütz, M.R. (June 25, 2017).  Guest opinion: Guest opinion: Reform' could leave Montanans uncovered.  Billings Gazette: Billings, Montana.

January of 2016, As part of my Dr. Bütz work at St. Vincent Healthcare he co-authored grant through U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), Nurse Education, Practice Quality and Retention-Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Program: Behavioral Health Integration.  Title:  Integrated Behavioral Health Care in a Frontier State.  Funded 2017 $500,000 – FUNDED.  See also:

2017 Federal Advocacy Coordinator of the Year Award by American Psychological Association Practice Organization (March, 2017).

Bütz, M.R. (March 18, 2017).  Guest opinion: Congress should extend behavioral health care.  Billings Gazette: Billings, Montana.

Bütz, M. R.  (2017).  Nonlinear dynamics retrospective impact on psychological theory and practice, and, a roughed out formula for crises.  Requested book chapter for quaderni di matematica (vol. 29), Overlapping of Mathematics and Humanities.  Aracne editrice International:  Rome, Italy/Goodyear, Arizona.

Bütz, M. R.  (January 6, 2017).  Guest Opinion: Cures Act will boost U.S. mental health care.  Billings Gazette: Billings, Montana.

Bütz, M. R.  (December 22, 2016).  Guest Column:  Thank congressmen for 21st Century Cures Act.  Missoulian: Missoula, Montana.

Bütz, M. R.  (December 20, 2016).  Featured: Thank you, Congressmen, for 21st Century Cures Act.  Independent Record:  Helena, Montana.

Psychologist Criticizes Use of Restraint-Seclusion at Montana State Hospital:  Disability Rights v. State of Montana (September 21, 2016-Letter August 19, 2014) Position Statement - Therapeutic Use of Seclusion at Montana Developmental Center (10.31.12), Review, Analysis and Response.

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