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The Next Generation of Heroes and Heroines...

By Michael Bütz


“…there are heroes, heroines, groups and systems that speak to heroics all around us; however, in order to value them we must understand the evolving nature of what it is to be heroic.  It is in this way that we will know, and that we may find, a generation of heroes and heroines that will face the challenges that lie ahead…”

At Aspen Practice, P.C. we are very excited about this project, and it came after nearly a decade of considering different styles of leadership amid the ever-growing challenges that lie in the future.  This next generation will require a different kind of heroics, really a collective vision of heroics that reflects the complexity of our time.

Here is a preview with the front cover above and elements of the promotion on the back cover.

This book is about heroics, plain and simple.  But, it is not about the swashbuckling, swaggering, shoot-em’ up, go-it-alone, hero of past eras.  Nor is it about those celebrities ascribed heroic status solely on the basis of their consumption or media attention.  And, it is certainly not a long treatise on heroism from an academic standpoint; nor a pop instant hero recipe.  The Next Generation of Heroes and Heroines is a short, thought-provoking book that challenges the idea of what a hero has been, and what a hero will be in the future amid the global challenges facing our societies.

The Next Generation of Heroes and Heroines will be published through AuthorHouse, and should be available in the next several months.  For more information please follow this link.

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